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One Town Block

April 9, 2021















One Town Block/Oleander Building

  • Hardware store(Oleander Hardware)
  • Pizza parlor(Pie Hole)
  • Used music/book store(Mystic Wizard Books & Music)
  • Oleander Suds 
  • 16 apartments
  • MGMT
  • Facilities
  • Basement
  • Sub-Basement
  • Tunnel

Things that I know

  1. Stuck in a building  w/ no one inside. No pests either.
  2. Nothing outside? Black smoke, light grey sky?
  3. Power works, water works.
  4. Time isn’t stopped, I need to eat and drink.
  5. All exterior doors are either heavy metal doors, or solid wood doors.
  6. The building is made of cement, metal, stone and wood.
  7. I can use my phone to podcast out, and use IG to communicate(#onetownblock), slowly.
  8. Photos all come out black, all images will be computer generated.

What I remember
I was walking from the cemetery to the civic center when a large death ray was fired at a large metal sphere in the sky, long story. After a loud explosion, I awoke in a building north of the river. I can’t leave the building even if I open the doors do to a solid black smoke. It looks like the sky is a bright grey.

This building is in Oleander, OR based on plaques and news paper articles  framed in the lobby/ground floor of the Oleander Building. Second tallest building in town, Three shops and a hardware store. Built by Walter Donaldson in 1957, a navy Blue brutalist building with an Orange and Red swash on each side, and Seven long windows on each side of each floor. Balconies for many of the apartments, and the odd angles have earned this building several odd  nicknames(The Rook, The Kraken, The Big Dead Bug, etc).

This building was meant to be the first of 20, but Walter Donaldson ran out of money after designing and building the Oleander Civic Center(currently a melted death ray platform) and the model building. Donaldson was murdered in a shabby hotel room in downtown Portland, OR in 1977 for unknown reasons by an unknown assailant. The town narrowly voted to not complete the town project when everyone learned it meant destroying everything on the river. Now only the model building is a monument to when Oleander, OR was going to be the city of the future.

The apartments(3-4 bedrooms, 1 bath) were meant for families, and the business would employ a percentage of the tenants in exchange for a discount on businesses on that block, and also rent. The model building was outfitted with a grocery store, a salon, a locksmith, and a laundromat/tailor. Everything went as planned for the first few years, people moved out in droves in the early 80s due to what at the time was being considered a massive haunting. Between 1963-1984 Seven people have gone missing while living in the Oleander Building.

In 1991 the building was boarded up, A-1 moved across town, and the rest of the businesses rented space in the new A-1 Mini Mall. In 2010 the Oleander Building was bought by out of town investors who restored the massive dark structure to its former malevolent beauty. Oleander Hardware  moved into A-1s old spot, The Laundromat moved into the salon, The Pie Hole move into the old tailor/dry cleaners/laundromat, and Mystic Wizard moved into the Locksmith. The apartments were renovated in 2012 into lofts, and 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

EPISODES<links soon>


DB talks about what they have on them, and what they know so far.

OTB-1 Hallways1 

DB explores the hallways to the best of their ability.

OTB-2 Rooms1

DB talks about what rooms they have access to.

OTB-3 Shops1

DB talks about what shops are here and what they have.

OTB-4 Roof1

DB gets to the roof.

OTB-5 Inventory & Projects1

What DB has, and has access to.

OTB-Listener Suggestions1

DB reads suggestions.


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