Episodes & Readings

February 22, 2017

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01: Clark Ashton Smith v. Cthulhu Mythos
20: Halloween 2015
21: Cannibalistic Rural Folk
22: Azathoth & Cosmicism
23: FireCthugha & Fire Walk with Me
24: 2015 Holiday Special
25: New Year’s Episode 2016
26: David Bowie, Cults & Yidhra
27: How the sausage gets made
28: Tsathoggua & Pokemon
29: What is Lovecraftian?
30: Yekubians & Sandworms
31: Frank Belknap Long
32: Hills(horror from the silent)
33: Series 2 Recap <<<start here, go to older episodes when you run out…
34: Ubbo-Sathla
35: Clark Ashton Smith
36: H.P. Lovecraft on Ice(Cream and other things)
37: Yithians, Shadows and Whispers
38: Cthulhu Vs Walter Benjamin(Art, Drugs and Socialism)
39: Out of the Aeons Part 1
40: Weird Tales 101 & Out of the Aeons part 2
41: The Shoggoths are Revolting!
42: Lovecraftian ProTips
43: Spiders
44: Experiments in Ghostbusting
45: a Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls
46: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men
47: That Guy with Glasses
48: The Voormis & Stranger Things
49: Lin Carter
50: Rhan-Tegoth
51: The Audient Void & Repo Man
52: Ithaqua & Algernon Blackwood
53: Hastur & Ambrose Bierce
54: Nodens & Lovecraft Country
55: Panorama of the Hyperborean
56: Sarkomand, Moon-Beasts & Strange Aeons
57: Caligari & German Expressionism
mini 1: Live(ish) HPLFF PDX 2016
58:  Mordiggian, The Charnel God, and Chain Saw Confidetial
59: Mother Hydra & Strange Shadows over Innsmouth
60: The Xothic Legend Cycle & Byron Craft’s Shoggoth
       2016 PGttCM Gift Guide
       Winter Weird 2016 
61: Timeline of the Earth in Regards to the Cthulhu Myth Cycle
62: Henry Kuttner
63: Panorama of the Thurian
00.666 New Co-Host
64: The Black Lotus & Laio andThe Black Lotus & Laio and
65: Lloigor, Lloigor, & Zhar
66: The Dream Cycle
67: Averoigne
68: Tcho Tcho & the Plateau of Leng
69: Sex & the Cthulhu Mythos
70: Ancient Egypt & Nyarlathotep
71: Bran Mak Morn
72: The Shan
73: Abdul Alhazred
74: De Vermis Mysteriis
75: Gol Goroth
76: Glaaki
77: Cyaegha
78: Witches


Arthur Machen
The Novel of the White Powder

Ambrose Bierce 
Haïta the Shepherd 
An Inhabitant of Carcosa 
The Damned Thing
My Favorite Murder
The Moonlit Road

HP Lovecraft
The Strange High House in the Mist
What the Moon Brings
The Temple
The Curse of Yig
Out of the Aeons
The Festival 
Horror in the Museum
The Statement of Randolph Carter

Clark Ashton Smith
The Charnel God
The Chain of Aforgomon
The Holiness of Azédarac
Parchment of Pnom
Autumnal(this episode if poorly edited*)
Autumn Orchards*
In November*
Chant of Autumn*
Autumn’s Call*
November Twilight*
The Black Lake*

George Allen England
The Thing from—“Outside”

Henry Kuttner
The Shadow on the Screen

Frank Belknap Long
The Hounds of Tindalos

Walter Benjamin
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Damon Boucher
Kevin MacLeod
The Chamber, End of the Era, Giant Wyrm, Who Likes to Party
Charlie Salas-Humara
The Pink’s Quieter, Maniac Cop