Black Clock

January 17, 2019

Reading 1: Misc. Ambrose Bierce

Reading 2: The Strange High House in the Mist

Reading 3: My Favorite Murder By Ambrose Bierce

Reading 4: what the moon brings

Reading 5: The Temple

Reading 6: The Moonlit Road

Reading 7: The Yellow Wallpaper & Carathis

Reading 8: the Thing from- "Outside"

Reading 9: The Shadow on the Screen

Reading 10/300r: Out of the Aeons Part 1       Part 2

Reading 11: The Novel of the White Powder

Reading 12: The Terrible Old Man

Reading 13: The Cats of Ulthar

Reading 14: the Picture in the House

Reading 15: Three Impostors -Prologue

Reading 16: Adventure of the gold Tiberius

Reading 17: The Encounter of the Pavement

Reading 18: The Novel of the Black Seal Parts 1 & 2

Reading 19 Novel of the Dark Valley

Reading 20 Novel of the Black Seal part III

Reading 21: The Hound

Reading 22: The Shunned House 

Reading 23: Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Reading 24: The Music of Erich Zann

Reading 25: The Stranger, The Psychological Shipwreck, and the Ice Palace

Reading 26: Adventure of the missing Brother 

Reading 27: Incident of the Private Bar by Arthur Machen

Reading 28: The Great God Pan part 1

Reading 29: The Great God Pan part 2

Reading 30: The Great God Pan  part 3

Reading 31: The Great God Pan part 4

Reading 32: Herbert West—Reanimator part 1

Reading 33: Herbert West—Reanimator part B

Reading 34: Pickman's Model

Reading 35: Queen of the Black Coast

Reading 36: The White People

Reading 37: The Dunwich Horror

Reading 38 "Jewels of Gwahlur"

Reading 39: The King in Yellow

Reading 40: King in Yellow part 2

Reading 41: Shadow out of Time

Reading 42: The Willows

Reading 43: The People of the Black Circle

Reading 44: the Haunter in the Darkness

Reading 45: At the Mountains of Madness

Reading: 46: Under the Pyramids

Reading 47: In the Penal Colony

Reading 48: Call of Cthulhu part 1

Reading 49: Call of Cthulhu part 2

Reading 50: Call of Cthulhu part 3

M.R. James collection

Reding 51: M.R. James collection 1

Reading 52: M.R. James Collection 2

Reading 53: M.R. James Collection 3

Reading 54: M.R. James Collection 4

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Reading 55: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (part 1)

Reading 56: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (part 2)

Reading 57: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (part 3)

Reading 58: Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (part 1)

Reading 59: Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (part 2)

Supernatural Horror in Literature

Reading 60: Supernatural Horror in Literature

Reading 61: Supernatural Horror in Literature

Reading 62: Supernatural Horror in Literature

Reading 63: Supernatural Horror in Literature

Reading 64: Supernatural Horror in Literature 

Reading 65: Supernatural Horror in Literature 

Reading 66: Supernatural Horror in Literature 

Reading 67: The Tale of Terror: A Study of the Gothic Romance

The Gods of Pegāna by Lord Dunsany

Reading 68: the gods of pegāna part 1

Reading 69: The Gods of Pegāna part 2

Time and Gods by Lord Dunsany

R70: Time and the Gods part 1/8

R71: Time and the Gods

R72: Time and the Gods

r73: Time and the Gods

r74: Time and the gods 5/7

R98: The Picture of Dorian Gray IX 

R99: The Picture of Dorian Gray

R100: The Picture of Dorian Gray XI

R101: The Picture of Dorian Gray XII

R102: The Picture of Dorian Gray XIII

R103: The Picture of Dorian Gray XIV

R104: The Picture of Dorian Gray XV

R105: The Picture of Dorian Gray XVI

106: The Picture of Dorian Gray XVII

The Beetle by Richard Marsh

R107: The Beetle 1

R108: The Beetle 2

R109: The Beetle 3

R110: The Beetle 4

R111: The Beetle 5

R112: The Beetle 6

R113: The Beetle 7

114: The Beetle 8

R115: The Beetle 9

R116: The Beetle 10

R117: The Beetle 11

R118: The Beetle 12

R119: The Beetle 13

120: The Beetle 14

R121: The Beetle 15

R122: The Beetle 16

R123: The Beetle17

R124: The Beetle 18

R125: The Beetle 19

R126:The Beetle 20

R127: The Beetle 21

128: The Beetle 22

R129: The Beetle 23

R130: The Beetle 24

R131: The Beetle 25

R132: The Beetle 26

R133: The Beetle 27

R134: The Beetle END

Misc. Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens

R152: A Christmas Carol part 1

R153: A Christmas Carol part 2

R135: The Christmas Goblins

Tales of the Uneasy by Violet Hunt

R136: Tales of the Uneasy 1

R137: Tales of the Uneasy 2

R138: Tales of the Uneasy 3

R139: Tales of the Uneasy 4

R140: Tales of the Uneasy 5

R141: Tales of the Uneasy 6

R142: Tales of the Uneasy 7

R143: Tales of the Uneasy 8

R144: Tales of the Uneasy 9

R145: Tales of the Uneasy 10

R146: Tales of the Uneasy 11

R147: Tales of the Uneasy 12

R148: Tales of the Uneasy 13

R149: Tales of the Uneasy 14

R150: Tales of the Uneasy 15

R151: Tales of the Uneasy END

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