Season 1 and Readings

101: Clark Ashton Smith v Cthulhu Mythos

102: Wrath of Cthulhucon

Reading 1: Misc. Ambrose Bierce

Reading 2: The Strange High House in the Mist

Reading 3: My Favorite Murder By Ambrose Bierce

Reading 4: what the moon brings

Reading 5: The Temple

Reading 6: The Moonlit Road

Reading 7: The Yellow Wallpaper & Carathis

Reading 8: the Thing from- “Outside”

Reading 9: The Shadow on the Screen

Reading 10/300r: Out of the Aeons Part 1 Part 2

Reading 11: The Novel of the White Powder

Reading 12: The Terrible Old Man

Reading 13: The Cats of Ulthar

Reading 14: the Picture in the House

Reading 15: Three Impostors -Prologue

Reading 16: Adventure of the gold Tiberius

Reading 17: The Encounter of the Pavement

Reading 18: The Novel of the Black Seal Parts 1 & 2

Reading 19 Novel of the Dark Valley

Reading 20 Novel of the Black Seal part III

Reading 21: The Hound

Reading 22: The Shunned House 

Reading 23: Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Reading 24: The Music of Erich Zann

Reading 25: The Stranger, The Psychological Shipwreck, and the Ice Palace

Reading 26: Adventure of the missing Brother 

Reading 27: Incident of the Private Bar by Arthur Machen

Reading 28: The Great God Pan part 1

Reading 29: The Great God Pan part 2

Reading 30: The Great God Pan  part 3

Reading 31: The Great God Pan part 4

Reading 32: Herbert West—Reanimator part 1

Reading 33: Herbert West—Reanimator part B

Reading 34: Pickman’s Model

Reading 35: Queen of the Black Coast

Reading 36: The White People

Reading 37: The Dunwich Horror

Reading 38 “Jewels of Gwahlur”

Reading 39: The King in Yellow

Reading 40: King in Yellow part 2

Season 2

20HA: Halloween 2015

20HB: The Thanksgiving Episode

20HC: PGttCM 2015 Holiday Special: Lovecraft

200B: How the sausage gets made

203: Elder Things and Video Games(re-edit)

204: Necrophagy(Ghouls)

205: Necrophagy(Night of the Living Dead)

206:The Picture in the House of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre(Cannibalistic Rural Folk)

209: Cults, Yidhra & RIP David Bowie(1947-2016)

210: Tsathoggua! I choose you!(The real Mr. Saturn & Pokemon)

210S: What is Lovecraftian?

211: Worms(Yekubians, Graboids & Sandworms)

211S: Frank Belknap Long

212: Hills(Horror from the Hills & Silent Hill)

Season 3

300: Series 2 Recap

301: Ubbo-Sathla

301s: Clark Ashton Smith

302s: H.P. Lovecraft on Ice(Cream and other things)

302:Yithians, Shadows and Whispers

303: Cthulhu Vs Walter Benjamin(Art, Drugs and Socialism)

300r: Out of the Aeons

303s: Weird Tales 101

304: The Shoggoths are Revolting!

304s: Lovecraftian ProTips

305: Atlach-Nacha & the Spiders

30GB84: Experiments in Ghostbusting

305s: A Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls

306: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men

306s: That Guy with Glasses

307: The Voormis & Stranger Things

307s: Lin Carter

Season 4

Episode 50/401: Rhan-Tegoth

Episode 51/402: The Audient Void & Repo Man

Episode 52/403: Ithaqua & Algernon Blackwood

Episode 53/404: Hastur & Ambrose Bierce

Episode 54/405/: Nodens & Lovecraft Country

Episode 55/406: Panorama of the Hyperborean

Episode 56/407: Sarkomand & Strange Aeons

Episode 57/408: Caligari & German Expressionism

Season 5

Episode 500: HPLFF_PDX 2016

Episode 58/501: Mordiggian: The God of Ghouls

Episode 59/502: Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Episode 60/503: The Xothic & SHOGGOTH

50HA 2016 Weird Fiction Gift Guide

Episode 61/504: Timeline of the Earth in Regards to the Cthulhu Myth Cycle

Episode 62/505: Henry Kuttner

Episode 63/506: Panorama of the Thurian Age

Season 6

Episode 600: What is Weird Fiction

Episode 601: Randoph Carter v. Feverish Chixxx

Episode 602: Nyarlathotep, Ancient Egypt, & Patience by DGC

Episode 603: PHFF #2 & Weirdbook #35

Episode 604: Robert E Howard & Bran Mak Morn, & a Trinity of Wicked Tales

Tribute to George A Romero

Episode 605: R Campbell, The Shan, and a book by M. Faun

Episode 606: The Necronomicon

Episode 607: Robert Bloch

Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard

Episode 609: HPLFF, Glakki, ID_Cancer, Weirdbook36

Episode 610: Witches

Episode 666: Series 6 CoHost Intro

Episode 611: Sarkomand, Weirdbook annual #1, & Zak AF

Episode 612: Kingsport

Episode 613: Innsmouth

Episode 614: Arkham

Episode 615: Dunwich

Season 7


Episode 701: Randolph Carter 

Episode 702: Herbert West

Episode 703: RU Pickmen

Episode 704: The Gardners & the BLASTED HEATH

Episode 705: Joseph Curwen

Episode 706: Yog Sothoth & Family

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