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People's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos 905/107: Rhan-Tegoth



905 End of season 9

Fully ten feet high despite a shambling, crouching attitude expressive of infinite cosmic malignancy, a monstrosity of unbelievable horror was shewn starting forward from a Cyclopean ivory throne covered with grotesque carvings. In the central pair of its six legs it bore a crushed, flattened, distorted, bloodless thing, riddled with a million punctures, and in places seared as with some pungent acid. Only the mangled head of the victim, lolling upside down at one side, revealed that it represented something once human.


The monster itself needed no title for one who had seen a certain hellish photograph. That damnable print had been all too faithful; yet it could not carry the full horror which lay in the gigantic actuality. The globular torso—the bubble-like suggestion of a head—the three fishy eyes—the foot-long proboscis—the bulging gills—the monstrous capillation of asp-like suckers—the six sinuous limbs with their black paws and crab-like claws—God! the familiarity of that black paw ending in a crab-like claw! . . .


RAN Tug oth

The Poetry of Donald Wandrei



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"The Horror in the Museum" is a short story ghostwritten by H. P. Lovecraft for Somerville, MA writer Hazel Heald in October 1932, published in 1933. It is one of five stories Lovecraft revised for Heald. The story has been reprinted in several collections, such as The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions

The tale concerns the relationship between Stephen Jones and George Rogers, the owner of a private wax museum specialising in the grotesque. Initially cordial, it degenerates as Jones first mocks Rogers then comes to suspect that he is demented with his "wild tales and suggestions of rites and sacrifices to nameless elder gods". Jones takes up Rogers's standing offer to spend a night in the museum and is attacked by his host, who is in turn killed by the entity Rhan-Tegoth that he has been making sacrifices to, and ends up becoming part of the displays. We cover this story in the third season.


Rhan-Tegoth is an amphibious ape and insect like Great Old One featured in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Horror in the Museum." It has a large globular torso with six limbs ending in crab like claws. Atop it is a sphere like head with three eyes and a foot long trunk. It also has gills. The Rhan-Tegoth is also covered with small tentacles over most of its body. It came from Yuggoth and is probably related to or a child of Shub-Niggurath, the Goat with a Thousand Young.

It kills its sacrifices by half crushing them and puncturing them with its tentacles. It then sucks away the face


Rhan-Tegoth at one time lived in a massive temple in the northern areas of the Arctic. A huge staircase of non human size reached down three levels to a large room where Rhan-Tegoth sat on a large Ivory Throne. There he was fed prehuman sacrifices by unknown entities over three million years ago. Without the sacrifices the thing goes into a deep sleep that only more sacrifices can break.

Somehow the long ritual in the eighth Nuh-cot-ick Manuscripts gives some clue as how to discover this temple.


We had audio of Ken Hite, But Mea Culpa. Due to operator malfunction I lost a huge chunk of audio that I haven’t been able to recover.
We’ll get ken talking about Rhan-Tegoth and other frosty monsters next month.



Donald Wandrei


Ken Hite

End banter


Thanks for listening everyone.

Keep it Squiggly and stay weird.


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