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March 6, 2020

Black Clock Audio Tales CDX: The Dead Souls part 1 by Nikolai Gogol part 1

March 2020

The Dead Souls
by Nikolai Gogol

Podcast Schedule(bcat/pgttcm):
PGttCM 1102: Shaggai/The Insects from Shaggai
PGttCM 1103: Averoigne/CAS
PGttCM 1104: Ghouls/Ghouls in literature
PGttCM 1105: Glaaki/Ramsey Campbell's Mythos
PGttCM 1106: Toad Gods/Stregoicavar

BCAT mar: Nikolai Gogol
BCAT apr: L. Frank Baum
BCAT may: Ambrose Bierce
BCAT jun: George Oewell

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