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Ballad of Johnny Smoothskin: Life During Wartime(part 1 0f 100) an NCRadio4 Production(A Fallout 4 Story)

October 10, 2020

Twenty Five years after hosting the widely popular "Johnny Smoothskin" on NCRmed Forces Radio, Brice Mitchell hosts the award winning NCRadio4 series about conflict within the New California Republic and all over North America. This series is about the conflict in the Commonwealth Wastes in the late 23rd Century.

When possible we will use actual audio from the events or have actors reenact historical events.
This audiocast functions also as a historical guide to 2287-2290 Boston, the factions, and the events that lead up to The Raider Wars and the War of 2288. @jsmoothskin on twitter
If you don't get this it's OK, it's about Fallout