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A showcase podcast for a small public radio station*. Shows include topics such as RPGs, Graphic Novels, Weird Fiction, Gothic Literature, and misc. geek/nerd topics. Join us* for our audio book episodes. Episodes drop weekly. Nani mo honmonode wanai.
Also an ongoing story, and a town full of weirdos*.
* 仮設


October 25, 2016

Reading 6: The Moonlit Road

Today we read what will later become the basis for Rashomon (羅生門), written for Cosmo in 1907 by Ambrose Bierce.

Edited and produced by DB Spitzer
Music by Kevin MacLeod 
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October 7, 2016

Reading 5: The Temple

Today we readHPL's story of Germans in a U Boat during WWI, and the curious ivory idol they find.. Sponsored by &
Edited and produced by DB Spitzer & music by Kevin MacLeod
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