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A podcast about the Cthulhu Mythos timeline, and the people who create it.

June 29, 2016

306: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men



We will be talking about Yig, his children, his curse and a ruthless terrorist based off of William F. Buckley. Check out audibletrial.com/pgttcm and support the show.

Music by Kevin McCloud and DB Spitzer 
Written/Produced/Hosted by DB Spitzer
June 16, 2016

305s: A Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls


On my podcast this week I talk about a small press annual that contains a multitude of lovecraftian short stories and poems. I also finish talking about Charles Burns 'Last Look' trilogy and the second and final part of 'Die Spinnen' by Fritz Lang.

Music by Kevin McCloud and DB Spitzer
Written/Produced/Hosted by DB Spitzer

June 9, 2016

30GB84: Experiments in Ghostbusting



Just read the article about ghostbusters on PGttCM.com for more info.
June 2, 2016

305: Atlach-Nacha & the Spiders


305-Spiders.pngThis week we talk about  Atlach-Nacha, Charles Burns comics and also an adventure movie by Fritz Lang.