This episode we talk about Hastur, Ambrose Bierce & Don Swaim's book about Ambrose Bierce.
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This week... some rustling in the herbage, a shepherd who can't hold on to happiness and a lost city. I read a few relevant stories for the podcast this week, next week will be about Bierce himself. Check out the sponsor founditemclothing.com and check out the  network of podcasts I'm now part of at darkmyths.org and also check out Eastern Boarder, a podcast about what it was really like behind the Iron Curtain.


I say fish f*cker at least twice & I talk about the awesome Mythos smut Justine Geoffrey wrote.
I talk about the Wind Walker aka Ithaqua, and the Wendigo. We also talk about the influence of Ithaqua and other aspects of weird fiction, Algernon Blackwood. Next weekI was going to read some Algernon Blackwood for but instead I will be reading several short stories or long poems by Ambrose Bierce. ask a question or just say hello pgttcm.com/contact
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Episode 51 is about a small press horror journal, a punk film from the 1980s and the second half of the Tale of Rhan-Tegoth. Sorry about a bit of silence during Audient Void, something happened in editing. 

August 4, 2016

Episode 50: Rhan-Tegoth

This is our 50th episode. The Cry of Cthulhu, Lurker at the Threshold, The Horror at the Museum and RHAN-TEGOTH. Check out Byron Craft's scary book 'The Cry of Cthulhu' at http://www.byroncraftbooks.com/
Thank you all for listening for many of the last 50 episodes.

Also why do many lovecraftian Great Old Ones sound like they could be a novelty song from the 1960's. [That that is from the song about a one eyed, one horn, flying, purple people eater] sounds like a GOO. RHAN-TEGOTH is a three eyed, six clawed, acid drippin', people eater. Honestly, most GOO are people eaters.